Thursday 28 July 2011

03 - 'The more ye know, the less, the better!'

Run down farm in the Mournes, Co. Down
October 26, 2008

This is Belfast (no, NOT Belfast, Maine - or anywhere else in north America!) - Belfast, Norn Iron!

You can tell it's Norn Iron by the way we talk - unless, of course, you're from Newfoundland, which is really just Ireland extended!  If ye come over here 'n' visit we'll probably offer ye "a wee cuppa tea in yer han'."  That just means we're not gonna be posh about it, but we want ye to feel welcome and at home.

See, that's somethin' about the Irish culture that ye'll find all over the world - great hospitality.  Life's too short for standing on ceremony, don't ye think?  Anyway, as we say here, 'The more ye know, the less, the better!'

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